Potential Clients

Charlie Proctor was a friend and business associate of Blum & Tripp’s, and it was with heavy hearts that we heard of Charlies passing in January. Eric Blum has been a friend of Charlie and his family for over 30 years, and it is due to this relationship that we have decided to offer our assistance to his clients.

If you are considering having Blum & Tripp take over your tax and accounting work, we suggest calling our office and talking with Tracy Tripp. She can describe to you the kinds of services we offer and help determine if Blum & Tripp would be a good fit to cover your tax needs. She can also set you up with an initial client meeting where one of our partners can discuss in further detail your specific needs.

Tracy can be reached by phone at 650.329.0520, or by email at tracyt@blumandtripp.com.

Finally, before coming into our office, we suggest you look at the following documents. The first is a letter to sign allowing Charlie’s estate to share your client files with Blum & Tripp. The second document is our 2014 tax return organizer. The organizer discusses the kinds of income and deduction information we will require and is similar to what you would have received from Charlie in prior years.

Consent to disclosure of tax return information

2014 Tax Organizer